Welcome at “MY T” World!

‘MY T wearables’ collection is designed by a contemporary woman, who can listen for the real needs of the woman’s routine and serve them in the most enjoyable and interesting way. The creative director of ‘MY T wearables’- a spouse, mother and woman herself, wished to create a collection which could serve the multiple roles of her own dressing needs with style and success. She wanted to be dressed in these clothes all day and in all dressing codes. ‘MY T wearables’ was born full of passion for style, detail and persistence, with its main focus on the prominence of the female silhouette.

‘MY T wearables’ woman is able to play not only with her style and the new fashion but also to create outfits-casual and formal –a matter which actually makes the difference. Fresh, flexible, unpretentious she likes to experiment, to change her style and to shift comfortably within a wide palette of colours depending on her mood. The high quality of textiles along with the reasonable prices consist a basic piece of ‘MY T wearables’ philosophy and this becomes one more reason for them being must-have items of every woman’s wardrobe.